Interschool Sports

The South Western Independent Schools Sports Association (SWISSA) organises interschool team sports for each term. The interschool sports for 2013 are:

Term 1

Junior Boys Basketball

Intermediate Boys Basketball

Senior Boys Basketball

Junior Girls Basketball

Intermediate Girls Basketball

Senior Girls Basketball

SWISSA Swimming Carnival (8/3/2013) - The Whitlam Centre

Term 2

Junior Boys Soccer

Intermediate Boys Soccer

Senior Boys Soccer

Junior Girls Netball

Intermediate Girls Netball

Senior Girls Netball

SWISSA Cross Country Carnival (24/5/2013)

Term 3

Junior Boys Oztag

Intermediate Boys  Oztag

Senior Boys  Oztag

Junior Girls Soccer

Senior Girls Soccer

SWISSA Futsal Gala Day (19/7/2013)

SWISSA Athletics Carnival (22/8/2013)

Term 4

Junior Boys Volleyball

Senior Boys Volleyball

Junior Girls Volleyball

Senior Girls Volleyball

SWISSA Tennis Gala Day (1/11/2013) 

SWISSA Cricket and Softball Gala Day (26/11/2013)

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